Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Fitmesh Designer Expose - February 2017, Pt4

The Fitmesh Designer Expose is coming to a close for this month, but there are still some amazing items to see and get.  Today's lovely Kira ballgown in nude is from LD Designs. 

It makes a hell of a statement on the red carpet. 

Kira mesh ballgown comes in sizes:

  • Maitreya
  • Slink Physique
  • Belleza
  • 5 Fitmesh sizes

The only thing to be aware of is you will need to alpha your pelvis and legs, especially upper thighs. But you just feel gorgeous in it. I don't want to take it off!

Grab it at the Fitmesh Designer Expose.

Gown: LD Designs - Kira ballgown
Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara
Skin: WoW Skins - Sahra (milk)
Hair: Truth hair - Xia

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Fitmesh Designer Expose - February 2017, Pt3

"You can take the girl out of the country,
but you can't take the country out of the girl."

Having a look at Moonstar today from the Fitmesh Designers Expose. They have several lovely outfits for Valentines, but I kinda loved this outfit. 

Moonstar are great at doing complete matching outfits, which makes it a LOT easier to throw them on and go! This "Linnea" outfit includes the dress, shoes, stockings and necklace.

I have a mental image of a country girl who's all dressed up for a night in the 'big smoke' (city).
Yes Daddy, I fed the chickens.

Country girls are tough and live hard. They also like to play hard and this lovely outfit suits a night on the town.

The dress is asymmetric with a large belt around the middle. Sizes are:
Slink Physique
Slink Hourglass
Belleza Isis
Belleza Freya
Belleza Venus
5 x regular sizes

The shoes come in both Slink High and Maitreya High. 

The tights come in both Omega Applier and a system tattoo layer, I love how this includes both mesh and system bodies!

The necklace is re-sizeable as well, plus has a button to delete script (take a copy first) to reduce lag.

This is also the first time I've had the Rezology hair 'Honey' on. It's a very cute ponytail and also available at the Expose.

Dress/Shoes/Jewellery: Moonstar - Linnea outfit
Hair: Rezology - Honey
Body: Slink Physique
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Minou V2 
Photos Taken At: The Homestead


Friday, 10 February 2017

Fitmesh Designer Expose - February 2017, Pt2

 "People who don't care if they don't sleep are Lovers."

One of the nicest things about the Fitmesh Designer Expose, is the pure variety. From hair to dresses to pyjamas to shoes. Today I had a look at sponsor Hardcore's outfit "I'm a Lover". 

The outfit contains a hip length long sleeve dress with a message more Vampire-phobes will enjoy - "I'm a Lover, Not a Biter". However there's also a pic of Tazzie so I'm not sure I believe him. 

The dress comes with matching Thigh High Heels. Both dress AND boots come in sizes:

  • Maitreya
  • Slink Physique
  • Slink Hourglass
  • Belleza Isis
  • Belleza Venus
  • Belleza Freya

Dress & Boots: Hardcore - I'm a Lover
Hair: Rezology - Denizen
Body: Slink Physique
Skin: WoW Skins - Melissa Tan
Head & Shape: Lapiz' own/system
Location: LadyX Beds

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Love Stinks N Stuff - Feb 2017

So I went for a look at the 'Stuff event, which incorporates Womenstuff, Menstuff & Homestuff into one themed event.

This months theme is Love Stinks! So there's a mish mash of lovey dovey Valentines items mixed with a predominance of Anti Valentine's. 

I went for a squiz and found some freebies I thought I would share, so welcome to your first Lapiz' Squishies! Where I squish as much as I can into one photo xD

  1. Weekend Salvage - free Wall Decor
  2. HH - Snapback trucker hat with resize HUD (the $1L is returned)
  3. .:Love Lei:. - Amanda Pink Minidress (Maitreya/Slink/eBody/Fitmesh sizes)
  4. Robbie Roos Whatchamagoos - Tear in My Heart Bracelet
  5. [Drac] - Blue & Gold Peep Toe Slink Heels

The other 3 freebies were from:

  • Emberotics - ladies cowl top & pants
  • CDC - male and female poses
  • Eryderwear - free gift board for men

So go have a look at the freebies and other items. Beware that there ARE a couple that LOOK like free gifts, but are priced! I got caught by the $9L one :( 

Happy Valentines/Eat-Chocolate Day!


Sunday, 5 February 2017

Fitmesh Designer Expose - February 2017, Pt1

People will Stare.
Make it worth their while.
- Harry Winston

The February Fitmesh Designer Expose is now on! Sponsor Ahroun Designs has a lovely exclusive dress available. 

The Jane Dress comes with a HUD for choosing colours for the top, skirt, cute bows on the shoulders or the entire dress look with pre-organised sets. There's 21 pre done sets alone. 

Jane Dress sizes:

  • Maitreya
  • Slink Physique
  • Slink Hourglass
  • Belleza Freya
  • Belleza Venus
  • Belleza Isis

The shoes I'm wearing are also available at the FDE and are Ahroun Designs Helena Heels for Slink. They come with a 3 colour HUD (white/red/black). 

Dress: Ahroun Designs - Jane Dress
Shoes: Ahroun Designs - Helena Heels
Jewellery: RealEvil
Hair: Exile - Celebrity Skin Wildcards
Location: Ahroun Designs Store

Friday, 3 February 2017

Full on!

Today is time for some lovely items from my newest sponsor,
[Drac] Costumes & Couture.

They've just added some hairs to their line which has one of the most diverse range of items sold I've ever seen! They have clothing from fitmesh bodies to prims, costumes for males and females, jewellery, but also shoes, hair, gestures, tip jars and even trivia cards! It blows my mind. 

This has the new hair Aphrodite, which comes with the [Drac] standard 59 colour HUD. I was thrilled at the blue colours (there's 5 different blues!) as several hair places unfortunately don't cater to my hair colour. There's a whole rainbow as well as almost 30 natural colours. You don't have to buy different colours as they're all in the one HUD with each hair.

The clothing is the complete [Drac] Susannah Blue Ocean outfit that includes dress, slink shoes and mesh bracelets. The dress has an old style corset laced around the waist, with more laces on thigh and cleavage.

Dress sizes:

  • regular mesh - 5 sizes
  • fitmesh/hybrid - 5 sizes
  • Maitreya
  • Belleza Isis/Freya/Venus
  • Slink Physique/Hourglass
  • TMP

Shoes: [Drac] Susannah Blue Ocean Outfit
Hair: [Drac] Aphrodite Mesh Hair
Body: Slink Mesh Physique
Head: System